Each week, you will complete a reading reflection journal entry. To write your reflection paragraph, you will need to review ALL of the daily jots you have collected through the week. Read your jots and think about how your thinking about your book has changed since you wrote them. Here are some questions to help you with your metacognition (thinking about your thinking):

What did you think prior to reading and jotting this week?

What has changed about your thinking now that you have read for deeper meaning?

What new information have you learned this week?

How did that new information influence or alter your thinking?

‍Use this idea to guide your reflection writing:

I used to think blah blah blah because blah blah blah,

but now I think yada yada yada because yada yada yada.

Be sure you include:
  • SPECIFIC DETAILS from the text and from your schema to support your new ideas
  • be VERY DESCRIPTIVE when explaining the text information that supports your thoughts



What did you used to think?
What has changed about your thinking?
What new information have you learned?
How did that new information influence or alter your thinking?
I used to think the Midas Goody was a entombed in metal because I have schema because it said the coffin bumped something and it clanked. But my thinking changed when Hercules went to the tomb and found the statue of Cerberus. They said that Mott Snave was not real, but it was really Midas Goody or John Constant, Wilttet's mother husband.
I used to think that Will would yell at Crowley for not putting him in Whitby. Then it said he held his anger in congratulated Gilan for what a accomplished. Crowley put Will into Redmont feif which was better and that's where Will grew up in his childhood. Will was very happy that Crowley put him back at Redmont.
I used to think that Pew was going to protect Jim and Mama. Now Pew and his army went through their house and tried to find them and kill them. How I knew this was because they tried to find money in their house with knives and machetes. Now I won't trust Pew.
I used to think that Jim Hawkins was the hero on the ship with Long John Silver. But Dr.Livisey saved everybody when Silver turned evil because got mad for the treasure. Silver was trying to kill everybody so he could get the treasure but he trusted Jim Hawkins to help him find the treasure. Now Silver is not trusted by the rest of the crew even Jim and Livisey.
In my book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling,I used to think Harry was not going to sneak and to use to the secret passgage to Hogsmeade. Fred and George gave him the Maruders map because just to see Ron and Hermione. On page 195 it said The passage twited and turned like a giant rabbit than anything else. He wanted to go to Honeydukes for candt,too. In my mind Icould feel how Harry is feeling thinking am I going to be lost or will the store owner catch me?