Character Log

Each day, as you reflect on what you have learned about the main character(s) in your book, you will fill out the following table. When you jot, be sure to include evidence to support your thinking!

Book Title
Evidence (page #, author's words)
Goody Hall
Hercules has mixed feelings like being a prankster, tutor and mini parent.
54,55,56 he said its past your bedtime. "It's way past your bedtime." said Hercules collecting himself.
The Kings of Clonmel
Halt made Lady Pauline worried because hes been gone for such a long time almost a year and Will is worried to about his mentor.He is not coming because he is chasing the rumors about the Outsiders.
73 Alyss said 'Halt is making Lady Pauline worried about this mission, trying to find the Outsiders.'
Robert Louis Stevenson
Jim is brave and courageous because he saved his mother when Pew and his army went to kill them for the money.
"It's these people of the inn-it's the boy. I wish I had eyes put his eyes out!" Cried the blind man. "They were here no time ago-they had the door bolted when I tried it. Scatter, lads find,em!
Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone
J.K Rowling
Harry Potter
Harry is courageous because he wanders around Hogwarts with his friends Ron Weasly And Hermione Granger trying to listen what Snape and Quirrel are saying and trying to find out who Nicholas Flamel is. Also hes trying to out what Fluffy is guarding by sneaking around in his invisibility cloak.They think its the sorcerers stone.
183 "POTTER!" Snapes face was twisted with fury as he dropped his robes to hide his leg. Harry gulped. "I just wondered if I could my book back." "GET OUT! OUT!!"
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
J.J. Rowling
Harry Potter
Harry is scared and is worried because there Dementors are guarding everywhere on Hogwarts ground and still does not have his permission slip to go to Hogsmeade.
76 Ron looked horrified. "You're not allowed to come?"