Each week, you will complete a reading reflection journal entry. To write your reflection paragraph, you will need to review ALL of the daily jots you have collected through the week. Read your jots and think about how your thinking about your book has changed since you wrote them. Here are some questions to help you with your metacognition (thinking about your thinking):

What did you think prior to reading and jotting this week?

What has changed about your thinking now that you have read for deeper meaning?

What new information have you learned this week?

How did that new information influence or alter your thinking?

‍Use this idea to guide your reflection writing:

I used to think blah blah blah because blah blah blah,

but now I think yada yada yada because yada yada yada.

Be sure you include:
  • SPECIFIC DETAILS from the text and from your schema to support your new ideas
  • be VERY DESCRIPTIVE when explaining the text information that supports your thoughts



What did you used to think?
What has changed about your thinking?
What new information have you learned?
How did that new information inn fluency or alter your thinking?
the old man might put a spell on him. the old man truly put a spell on him. he blew dust on him with a book.he starts saying puns hen he dust hits him.
the old man could of been the librarian. he was a creepy guy that always was at the librey.they never said anything about him being the librarian. that he could just be a guy at the librey to find a good book everyday
in the book tales of a fourth grade nothing, by Judy blume the main charctor peter and his little brother fudge at first i thought peters turtle died on page because peter thought he died but when he walked out fudge was smiling and fudge said he ate the turtle now i think fudge is a really bad kid
in the book Otherwise known as sheila the great by. Judy Blume the main charceter sheila hates dogs she is living in this home for the summer the people that livied in that home were gone for the summer and the dad nose the guy that lives in that house the guy has three boys and a dog named jenshe met a girl named mouse she thought she was living in the guys house and she said she loved dogs but she can't go around dogs because she is alergic to them but mouse walks jennifer a lot and sheila hates dogs and she said she gets hives from them but know i know she was lying just to get out of walking the dog with her.
in the book Otherwise known as sheila the great by. judy blume the main charcter sheila has a sister named libby they found out that jennifer [the dog] was going to have babys and sheila was not okey with that. libby who loves jennifer plays with her half of the day when she found out that jennifer was going to have babies she wanted to have her stay inher room but sheila said she would leave but i said "i doubt that" but they found out that the vet said she should stay in her dog house
In the book Superfudge By.Judy Blume the main charcter Peter just had a baby sister named Tootsie ,since having the baby Peters mom wants to go back to college. She found a place in Princiton,new jersy Peters mom has a friend that lives in Princeton since there going to england for the hole year. they said the could have the house. Peter got really angry